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Young Urologists Committee

A Message from Steve Hudak, MD, AUA Young Urologists Committee Chair

Welcome to the Young Urologists page. On behalf of the AUA Young Urologists Committee, I invite you to explore the many resources and engagement opportunities the Committee offers. 

As part of the AUA Section Secretaries/Membership Council, the Young Urologists Committee represents the voice of young urologist members of the AUA. A "young" urologist is defined as no more than ten (10) years out of residency (or 13 years if a fellowship was completed after residency graduation).

The membership of the Young Urologists Committee includes the Chair, Chair-Elect, representatives from each of the eight AUA sections as well as one Doctor of Osteopathy representative and one active duty military representative. In addition, the committee also includes liaisons from the Residents and Fellows Committee, Advance Practice Provider Membership Committee, American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Medical Association Young Physicians Section.

Activities and initiatives of the Committee include:

  • Annual Meeting Events
    • New in 2020, the Meet the AUA Leaders program will allow a limited number of young urologists to engage in candid discussions about leadership opportunities at the AUA and career advancement strategies with current and former AUA Board Members, AUA Section Secretaries and others.
    • Young Urologists Forum - Each year, the Young Urologists Committee sponsors the Young Urologists Forum, which provides education and expertise from national leaders on issues that impact practicing urologists 13 years or less out of residency/fellowship training.
    • Speed Mentoring Program - In this quick-paced program, resident/fellow attendees meet one-on-one with esteemed practicing young urologist mentors for five, 10-minute interactions to discuss a variety of topics including negotiating a contract, finding a job, surgical education, and leadership skills.
  • Young Urologists Committee Podcast Episodes and Webcasts - The Young Urologists Committee periodically records content and episodes that focus on providing resources to all young urologists and AUA members.
  • Young Urologists of the Year Award - The Young Urologists of the Year Award was established by the 2012-2013 AUA Young Urologists Committee (YUC) Chair, Dr. Michael C. Ost. This award recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of  young urologists who have established themselves as future leaders in the specialty.
  • Young Urologists Transitioning from Residency to Practice Manual - Now in its 4th edition, this guide is updated annually for residents and young urologists embarking on transition to practice.
  • Young Urologists Online Community - Open to all AUA members who are identified as a young urologist based on their education records, this community allows for an open dialogue between peers.  

We encourage you to learn more about getting involved in young urologists activities in the AUA and in your Section. For more information about the Young Urologists Committee, or if you have any questions, please email us at or contact your Section representative.  


Steve Hudak, MD
Chair, AUA Young Urologists Committee



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