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Residents and Fellows Committee Essay Contest

Medical students, residents and fellows are invited to participate in the third annual AUA Residents and Fellows Committee essay contest.

Contest Theme: "Standing Together: Going Above and Beyond for One of Our Own"

Surgical trainees quickly become adept at juggling books and scalpels, home and hospital, personal and patient health. Finding and maintaining a balanced middle ground is a struggle for every young physician, and one that can be isolating. If we are lucky, during our darkest hours, we can rely on each other. As trainees we lift up our colleagues when they stumble and in turn receive aid in our own times of need. In this essay, please reflect on such a time, and detail how you and a fellow trainee stood together.
Requirements and Deadline:

Essays should be no more than 750 words and will be judged on clarity and impact of the writing, relevance to the theme and applicability to urologists and urology trainees. Submissions should be emailed to and include:

  • Name
  • Bio with headshot
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Name and location of your medical school or training program

The deadline to submit is January 27, 2020.

The winning essay will be:

  • Submitted for publication in The Journal of Urology®
  • Recognized at the AUA2020 Residents Forum in Washington, D.C.
  • Published on the AUA website

Past AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Essay Contest Winners

Karen Wheeler, MD PhD  Karen Wheeler, MD, PhD - 2019 Grand Prize Winner      
University of Texas Health Center San Antonio 
Read Dr. Wheeler's winning essay. 

George Goucher, MD - 2019 Honorable Mention 
Resident, McMaster University
Read Dr. Goucher's essay.

Blair Townsend, MD, MBA - 2019 Honorable Mention 
Resident, Carolinas Medical Center at Atrium Health
Read Dr. Townsend's essay.

JJ Zhang, MD - 2019 Honorable Mention 
Resident, Cleveland Clinic
Read Dr. Zhang's essay.


Unwanaobong Nseyo, MD - 2018 Grand Prize Winner
Resident, University of California, San Diego
Read Dr. Nseyo's winning essay.

Julia Fiuk, MD - 2018 Honorable Mention 
Resident, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Read Dr. Fiuk's essay.

Natalie Hartman - 2018 Honorable Mention
Medical Student, University of Southern California
Read Natalie Hartman's essay.

Ramphis Morales-López, MD - 2018 Honorable Mention
Resident, University of Puerto Rico
Read Dr. Morales-López's essay.

Nathan Wong, MD - 2018 Honorable Mention
Resident, McMaster University
Read Dr. Wong's essay.



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