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Welcome to the AUA Inside Tract, an official podcast of the AUA. You can subscribe to it on iTunes and/or listen to recent episodes listed below:

Episode 80: My Experience as an AUA Assistant Secretary with Dr. Angela Smith

Episode 79: AUA Advocacy Update for February 18, 2020

Episode 78: Looking Ahead to AUA2020: Young Urologist Meeting Highlights

Episode 77: Urology Coding Advice: Prostate Biopsies

Episode 76: Working with Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) in Urology

Episodes 71 - 75

Episode 75: AUA Advocacy Update for February 4, 2020

Episode 74: Urology Research in Private Practice with Dr. David Albala

Episode 73: Urology Coding Advice: How to Dissect an Operative Report

Episode 72: When Research Gets Personal

Episode 71: AUA Advocacy Update for January 21, 2020

Episodes 66 - 70

Episode 70: Sketching Life After Training with Dr. Eugene Rhee  

Episode 69: Urology Residency Match Day 2020

Episode 68: The Holtgrewe Fellowship Programs with Drs. Hans Arora and Daniel Frendl

Episode 67: Deciding What Type of Practice to Enter: Academic Institutions

Episode 66: AUA Advocacy Update for January 7, 2020

Episodes 61 - 65

Episode 65: Urology Residency Myths and Facts

Episode 64: The Importance of State-Level Advocacy with Dr. William Gee

Episode 63: My Experience as an AUA Assistant Secretary with Dr. Aseem Shukla

Episode 62: Transitioning from Residency to Practice: How to Find Jobs, the CV and Interviewing

Episode 61: Advocacy Update for December 17, 2019

Episodes 56 - 60

Episode 60: Managing Difficult Cases and Physician Burnout in Urology with Dr. Amanda North 

Episode 59: Urology Coding Changes Coming In 2020 

Episode 58: Family and Work-Life Balance in Urology with Dr. Audrey Rhee 

Episode 57: AUA Advocacy Update for December 3, 2019

Episode 56: Peer-to-Peer Assistance and Managing Difficult Cases with Dr. Julie Riley

Episodes 51 - 55

Episode 55: AMA House of Delegates Meeting Recap

Episode 54: Transitioning from Residency to Practice: Deciding Where to Go

Episode 53: AUA Advocacy Update for November 19, 2019

Episode 52: Public Policy and Advocacy in Urology: A Primer for Residents

Episode 51: Advice for Providers on Telemedicine Billing

Episodes 46 - 50

Episode 50: Wellness, Burnout, and Sustaining Your Career in Urology

Episode 49: AUA Advocacy Update for November 5, 2019

Episode 48: The Urology Care Foundation with Dr. Sandy Siegel

Episode 47: Advocacy Q&A with Former U.S. Representative Dr. Phil Gingrey

Episode 46: Understanding Coding and Reimbursement

Episodes 41 - 45

Episode 45: Coding Q&A: Coding Changes for 2020

Episode 44: Thriving in Your Practice

Episode 43: AUA Advocacy Update for October 15, 2019

Episode 42: Traditional Urology Practice Roundtable Discussion

Episode 41: Frequently Asked Questions about BCG Coding

Episodes 36 - 40

Episode 40: Non-Traditional Career Paths and Opportunities in Urology

Episode 39: AUA Advocacy Update for October 1, 2019

Episode 38: Guidance for Urology Residents on Writing, Reviewing and Revising Manuscripts

Episode 37: Coding, Reimbursement and Regulation Update for September 24, 2019

Episode 36: Urology Residents in the United States and Across the Globe

Episodes 31 - 35

Episode 35: AUA Advocacy Update for September 17, 2019

Episode 34: An Insider's Guide to Resident/Fellow Membership

Episode 33: AUA Advocacy Update for September 10, 2019

Episode 32: The AUA Leadership Program with Dr. Kathleen Kobashi

Episode 31: AUA Advocacy Update for September 3, 2019

Episodes 26 - 30

Episode 30: An Insider's Guide to Affiliate Membership

Episode 29: Coding, Reimbursement and Regulation Update for August 27, 2019

Episode 28: An Insider's Guide to Research Scientist Membership

Episode 27: AUA Advocacy Update for August 20, 2019

Episode 26: An Insider's Guide to Advanced Practice Provider Membership

Episodes 21 - 25 

Episode 25: Coding, Reimbursement and Regulation Update for August 13, 2019

Episode 24: Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Practicing: Q&A Discussion 

Episode 23: AUA Advocacy Update for August 6, 2019

Episode 22: Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Practicing with Dr. Nathan Grunewald

Episode 21: Residents and Fellows Committee Essay Contest

Episodes 16 - 20 

Episode 20: Proper Surgical Documentation for Urology 

Episode 19: Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Practicing with Dr. Damara Kaplan

Episode 18: AUA Advocacy Update for July 16, 2019

Episode 17: An Insider's Guide to Medical Student Membership

Episode 16: An Insider's Guide to International Residents-in-Training Membership

Episodes 11 - 15 

Episode 15: An Insider's Guide to Active and Associate Membership 

Episode 14: The Physician Liaison in a Urology Practice

Episode 13: Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Practicing with Dr. Julie Riley

Episode 12: My Vision as AUA President with Dr. John Lynch

Episode 11: An Insider's Guide to International Membership

Episodes 6 - 10 

Episode 10: International Programs Exchange Program 

Episode 9: Enhancing Medication Compliance in the Urologic Practice 

Episode 8: AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Teaching Award 2019

Episode 7: AUA News Article Discussion: Relationship Wellness in Urology

Episode 6: Discussing the AUA Census, Urology Residents in the U.S. and Across the Globe

Episodes 1 - 5 

Episode 5: A Guide to New CPT Codes and Revisions for 2019

Episode 4: How Urology Residents Can Get the Most from AUA2019

Episode 3: 2019 AUA Summit Highlights

Episode 2: Urology Residency Match Day 2019

Episode 1: Non-Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, Talking to Your Patients About Treatment with Dr. Alexander Kutikov



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